Thanks, Brother! Can't wait to see the film in all its
glory. You guys should be proud like 2 mama hens.
Thanks for all your dedication in making it happen.
Finishing things is an unsung art here in this town...Yuri Lowenthal

Hi Tony, Mercedes introduced me to you and Jamie at your acting class last summe rand again the opening of your film in December. While Sadie and I were dating she spoke about you and Jamie very highly. She always wanted me to meet you both and thought we would work very well together. You and Jamie are a insperation for other film makers. Thanks Tony and have a blessed day my friend Christopher Dallton Story Town Pictures 6Lproductions.

Lana, Please let Tony and Jaime know that I was impressed with the movie, I'm still thinking about it. strange isn't it.? I would like to use this as a cultual event for my staff. Maria Germain

First off I congratulate you both on making a true feature all on your own. For all of the time you guys spent on this, it paid off. It looks great.There were many shots and scenes that were very strong and some of the acting was very impressive. Zoska was solid.What's your next step with this?The junkie scene was by far the highlight. It was shot incredibly well and made a lasting impression.Later.Steve Zegans DreamWorks Feature Development

Hello Tony, Wanted to thank you for getting back so fast. I hope you and Jamie and your families are all doing great. Good luck and if there is any thing I could be helpful with don't hesitate to ask, I really like you guys. You are good people and it has been my privilege getting to know you. Marco Khan (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Hi Tony! How are you doing? I did not realize you were such a celebrity until I googled you! Congratulations! President of TKE-DA TJ Hooten

News/Media News:Hey guys - it's me Laura Jane. An old friend of mine Anthony Boldi - invited me to be a celebrity guest at his movie premiere - IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE! I was really excited for him. As he produced and acted in this project, I got to walk the red carpet - goto wire and type in the movie name and you will see all the great people that were there - my picture is on the second page!! It was so much fun!!!

Hi Tony!I just read your report in "Take a Bow." Congratulations! Life is treating you very well and I'm glad for you! You are indeed a good person! That you take the time to promote someone's film is certainly admirable!!! No wonder you are doing so well in your career! Lots of conscientious thinking and attention to details! Great!!!! Love, Lyda (your college improv professor at Western Michigan University)

Congratulations Jaime!You are presenting the Caesar Chavez Community Service Award at the 2005 Prism Awards. You need to be on the carpet at 5:00 PM with Brian Krause, where you will talk to 150 media. After you present, you and Brian will go to the Green room and then the Press Room to talk to the media. Also, a gift bag is reserved for you both. The afterparty follows at BB King's restaurant at Universal at 10:00 PM.

Dear Tony - You can take a bow for the amazing event you put together last Monday evening. It was clearly the result of a lot of hard work and tenacity. I wish you a well-rewarded future. Thanks. Virginia Montero

Tony - I am so so so proud of you - the premiere was awesome, you were awesome, a great accomplishment, a stunning performance and great gathering of folks!!! I thank you for the invite - i felt honoured to share the night - we have all be out here so long chasing our dreams, nice to see them coming true! Thank you for making me feel like a queen and having me walk the red carpet. And - you look fucking HOT on camera - baby. Shit!! I am not mad atchu!!!Please keep in always laura jane

District 76 Dear Lana, Congratulations on your son's premiere. I wish all of you continued success! I remain, With best regards, Michael G. Sak Michigan House of Representatives 76th District

Hey Tony.CONGRATULATIONS on a fabulous successful night! So proud of you that it all came off so ridiculously well!!!! Well done old chap! Suzanne

Tony, Congratulations on an extremely well-done project, and a grand slam premiere! But between me and you - congrats on the scene-stealing! Dude, I was the one who screamed your name when you walk away from Jaime without accepting his apology/handshake. LOVED IT! That scene alone will score you MAJOR work. THANK YOU for inviting my friends and me to be part of the celebration. Norbert (from the KIMMEL show) had an extremely fun evening. I don't think I had the opportunity to introduce you two, but I did manage to put him and Jaime together. Another guy I brought will sign a contract with CSI: NY next season, and is co-writing some of the episodes. So WHERE DO WE SEE THE PICTURES??? Should be some interesting shots with my lips upon the faces of a couple of the hottest hotties there! Let me know what's going on with the next project, Ton. I just scored the lead in a military feature called "Quantico" as the FBI Special Agent in Charge. And I'm doing a flick in Arizona very soon called "The Governor" playing the male version of Heidi Fleiss! Yeah! But I want to work with YOU GUYS!Congrats and thanks again! -Rich

Congrats, man - you guys had a wonderful premiere. That movie is gonna sell with ease, my friend. talk to ya soon,Jeff

Dude! We all had a FUCKING BLAST last night! Thanks again for having us! You guys did a wonderful job on that film. . . really good job man. We are dying to see the pictures of us on the red carpet! how would we get those? Can you give me a list of the magazines that were there? We also want to know if we get mentioned in any publications, for our press kit. We got interviewed alot, so something may get printed somewhere. Can you help me with that? Hope you come out on Friday! We're on at 10:30pm! at the Whisky!b Fuck Ya! Last Night was so Fucking Amazing! We'll always remember that, it was our first premiere! We got so wasted at that after party! Holy Shit! Your Friend,Phill

Tony!!__Rock on, my brother!!! I have to tell you how proud I am of you, and proud to call you my friend! I was so impressed with your work! Excellent!! There is so much that I liked! I can’t say enough!!_Nice work!I look forward to when we can work together!!.....and, I don’t mean DJ-ing!!_Stay Gold!_Your Friend,Ron Ransen_P.s. I’m home now, and on the USA network on TV is “Training Day”!!! Interesting coincidence!

the mayors office "In the Blink of an Eye"From: "Patti Carlise"
It Rocks!!!

From: "tracy morse" i like it, i like it alot.well fucking done brother man.

From: "Byron De Lear" Looks good bro

Oh, sweet jesus, thank you for changing the title. Ilike the new one much better.Of course, then I don't get the title line anymore...My line was when everyone in the audience is supposed to drink. Kick ass, Y

Very cool! Can' t wait to see it on the big screen. Andrea

From: "Jace: yah bro, looks good! Doesn't look like their were any graphical changes, no? Just title. Why the change? Let me guess, the distributors feel the new name will sell better. If i'm correct, how do you feel about that, them changing the name n all? Either way, whether the title of your movie is Pissed, In The Blink Of An Eye or Butt Pirates 4: Throtling Up Unicorn Pass, the moviefrick'n my agency

From: "Sandra Bernath" I like the poster, I like the trailer, I have to say, I like it!

I spent hours going through all of these sites finding “PISSED” conversations from AROUND THE WORLDthere is a HUGH MARKET waiting for this movietime to strike is now!!!Tony Boldi Here are some of my findings

Brian has a got a new movie which will be released on video.

what a nice title. lol but it looks good ill definetally go see it. only because brian is so damn hot lolThanks HollyMC!Piper: Hey Bitch! Move the trays yourself!"Love starts with a hug, grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear".

so Brian is in a new TV movie, I went on Imdb just a little while ago and there was nothing about that, and now it's already in post production..I think that's a great new!! we'll finally see more stuff about him, which we didn't in a while. There's no summary though for this movie.

Cool. I doubt I'll ever get the chance to see it but I'm glad he's doing stuff outside the show.Totally agree about the title. Although here pissed can also mean drunk so it makes me think of Brian drunk lol. That would be fun.~*Thank you Beca.

it's cooolCountry: Czech Republic

The title quickly caught my eye, it sounds like it can be a good movie.Country: USA

interesting, got to love the title though. How you find this stuff amazes me though. It doesn't look like they have even started filming yet.

I'm guessing they have since they have a trailer. I watched the trailer and laughed at the few seconds Brian was on. He looks like a hippy painter guy.*~*Moon Tiara Magic*~*

I know!! I laughed too.Brian Krause is so hott!!!!Country: USA

Brian is in a new movie called "Pissed" (no, I'm not kidding on the title. Blame the producers who came up with it. ;) ). It's going to be a straight-to-video production.

pissed? :lol: a very nice title ...

Brian Krause is going to be in a new film (video release) named "Pissed".Official website for the film: Manafilms

Well it seems our very own Brian Krause as been keeping himself busy as he's co-starring in a new film. Check it out at this link.Krause Wants More Charmed /// Krause in New MovieBrian Krause, who stars as Leo in the WB series Charmed, told SCI FI Wire that he hopes the current seventh season is not the last for the series. To read more of the article, go here.

Brian also has got a new movie which will be released on video titled "Pissed".

Brian Krause, ven knd som Leo i Frhxad, r nu aktuell i den nya filmen"Pissed". Han spelar karaktren Jay. Filmen kommer

los preparativos para protagonizar "To kill a Mockumentary", acaba de rodar "Pissed",que se encuentra en post-produccion. -Web oficial:

June 2003Actualmente, y despues de terminar con los preparativos para protagonizar "To kill a Mockumentary", acaba de rodar "Pissed", que se encuentra en post-produccion.

From Asia31 - 40 of about 1,320 for brian krause pissed. (0.08 seconds) Hpprp~~p ~y{|uty - Charmed ...... Pissed, 2005, r |y Dwu (Jay); To Kill a Mockumentary, 2005, r |y ... Himself)r yxtu "Sum 41, 3 Doors Down, Brian Krause"

BRIAN KRAUSE AU CINEMA: Brian Krause est actuellement sur le tournage d'un thrillernommer "Pissed". (Source: Charmed High). HILLARY DUFF DANS LA SAISON 7?:

April Archive by DateApzp~ Kpxu (Brian Krause)Uy|}spy| {y~ | uyp| | live | u|u | u~pyz |Q|y r {y~ y ~p u|urytu~yy 1. Pissed, 2005, r |y Dwu (Jay) 2. To Kill a Mockumentary, 2005, r |y D~~p (Danson)

BRIAN KRAUSE AU CINEMA:Brian Krause est actuellement sur le tournage d'un thriller nommer "Pissed".(Source: Charmed High) - Wer lscht die brennenden l-Quellen im Irak? - [ Translate this page ]... 14:29. stimmt, die Aktie ist zudem bei IB nicht mehr shortable :pissed: ... Es ist nichtannhernd so sicher wie behauptet, sagte Brian Krause, Vizeprsident des

Jaime Gomez (I)... Pissed (2005) (V) (post-production) .... Trace Chavez; Landslide (2004) (TV) .... ...Richie Cobor; Santa, Jr. (2002) (TV) (as Jaime P. Gomez)

"PISSED" was written and directed by JAIME P. GOMEZ and produced by TONY BOLDI."PISSED" with JAIME GOMEZ (from the hit CBS TV series NASH BRIDGES)

January 2005 Brian Krause is going to be in a newfilm (video release) named "Pissed". Official website for the film: Manafilms

It's a great site. I just love Tony!! ...

I like the poster, I like the trailer, I have to say, I like it!

Great job on the film ! ! !

Click on the picture of the crew to see an interview about our film company (look for the picture of Jaime and Tony)

Thanks brother...just a quick update...we have been inmeetings ever since...Lions Gate, Avi Learner, ThinkFilms, Divx, Cyrstal Sky, Regent, Image, SPG,Entertainment Tonight, Point 360,,, The Magic Castle, PrismAwards, LA Confidential, Grand Rapids Press, KalamazooGazette, Hispanic Times, Howard Fine, Latin FilmMakers, National Hispanic Media Coalition, Arenas'Santiago Pozo, Warner Bro's Carolyn Caldera-De Fanti,Flaunt Magazine, and various other smaller boutique distribution companies and press outlets...things are pretty crazy right now...thanks for being part of theride...2006 is a money year for all of us...happyholidays...tonyb---

"Lilly, Christopher” > Tony:> > Great movie by the way, and wonderful turn out for> the premiere. Congrats!!!>

From: "Yuriy S. Rubanik" Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 07:09:32 -0500 (EST)thank you!everybody looks like

Congrats to you on yours! Chris Seefried

This is an e-mail from a friend. She's the one who said she's a closet Jaime Gomez fan from the Nash Bridges days. She's heads a non-profit agency, and she's about my age. I thought you would enjoy reading it. Lots and lots of Love, Mom
Lee Nelson Weber wrote:From: "Lee Nelson Weber" To: "'Lana Boldi'" Subject: RE: this is an epk (electronic press kit)Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 09:51:56 -0500

Thx Lana -I am so enjoying being along for this "Blink of an Eye" ride - thx for sharing it w/ friends. There is just no better feeling than "thx Mom" from our adult kids! Now for the local premiere...

/lnw Sweet and well done.Feel free to visit our site quickly.If we can ever help you out...let us Best,Kevin E. West

Congrats again on a super event.. can't believe the turnout ona MONDAY NIGHT! LOOK LOOK LOOK !!!!! LOOK LOOK LOOK !!!!! Photographer Rashad Parker took these... official proof... I'm just so happy I could pee my pants! love to allSuze Photographer Rashad Parker took these... official proof... I'm just so happy I could pee my pants! love to all Suze "Suzanne Karseras"

Tony, What's up dawg? Thanks for let me apart of everything. I had a wonderful time last night and the movie was damn good. You surprise with your acting ability. Very good job for a Kalamazoo boy. Anyway I will be in contact with you and you keep in contact with me know matter how "BIG TIME" you get. Get it, BIG Time..... nah, you didn't get. Ha ha ha ha. LoveCarl Brown.

jaime,again i want to congratulate you again on the tremendous job you and tony did on your film. what a great nite it was and a film with so much heart.thanks a lot, randy

Hi Tony,I just wanted to say thank you for inviting me to "In The Blink of an Eye". I had a wonderful time at the movie premiere. I wish you well in the future! Keep me posted as to what you are doing.Take care,Jessica

Tony,Thank you for inviting me to your showing. The entire night went off wonderfully. You were so in your element. It was nice to see you like that. And nice to see you on screen. Chris and I were both impressed with the turnout. Sponsors, finding the promotional niche, you really brought it together.I want to especially thank you for being so gracious to Christopher. He really liked you after you spoke. We spoke, and he had initially decided not to go. Mike invited him, invited him again, and almost had to talk him into going. He does not like crowds, and did not want to be in an uncomfortable situation with you. I wanted to be repectful to everyone. You especially because it was your night. And him for obvious reasons. And you and Jaime because I consider you both my friends. You made that so easy and graceful. From the past few corespondeces, I really do consider you my friend. And you will always have that in me. Thank you, so much.I am so happy for you and so impressed with you. Congradulations !!! You did it !... and have much more ahead, i just know it.God Bless Always, Sadie

District 76 wrote:Date: Fri, 09 Dec 2005 14:56:23 -0500From: "District 76" To: Subject: Re:Dear Lana, Congratulations on your son's premiere. I wish all of you continued success! I remain, With best regards, Michael G. SakMichigan House of Representatives76th District

Hey Devine, Thank you so much for the invite. We had a great time last night. Give me a call later today and we can discuss the Magic Castle. Hope all is well,Jill

Hey Tony, I just wanted to congratulate you again. You really threw a fabulous event. I look forward to the next one. Continued Success, Eileen

Tony congratulations on your premire. The pictures are great, but don of you. Can't wait to see the movie when it comes to Grand Rapids. "Mary Vanderhyde"

Thx, Tony - congratulations to you and your colleagues! Not that your mom's proud of you or anything.../lnw Lee Nelson WeberDyer-Ives Foundation Grand Rapids, MI

Tony,I would just like to mention quickly how much a pleasure it was for Van Mar students and I to spend such a valuable event together, with you, and others that made it possible. We all came together to appreciate onesartistry work and celebrate for recognition.Thank you, Christian Fernandez By the way, Ivan says hello. Hello

Tony,What a great evening. Thanks so much for everything. It was great to see everyone again like old times. See you soon. Susan Johnston

London, once again, congratulations! It was a successful night on Mon. Sorry I had to leave before Josh got too drunk. I'll talk to you soon. Peace! Tell Jaime I said congrats! Peace! Jeremy

Dear Tony & Jaime, I thought you would enjoy these comments from a neat lady that I know. She's on the ACLU board with me and a good Democrat. She heads up a charity here. She's about my age. Love, Lana/Mom
Lee Nelson Weber wrote:From: "Lee Nelson Weber" To: "Lana Boldi" Subject: Re: hows thisDate: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 09:01:29 -0500

Thx Lana -You are one lucky lady to have such a son, and such a relationship w/ him! Congratulations on the premiere and your new career. I am a closet Jaime Gomez fan from Nash Bridges days, and will now be watching for tony Boldi. Have safe trip and lots of fun - we'll take up all our committee business when you return./lnw Lee Nelson Weber Dyer-Ives Foundation Grand Rapids, MI

Tony,Congrats on the screening, heard it was a blast! Best, Chris Seefried

we had a lot of fun ....keep in touch...Lxxx--Contact us>DJ Lo:

It was nice to be there. Again the quality of the film is amazing!!!!!!!ANd the foley stuff was great.-----Original Message-----Sent: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 23:22:40 -0800 (PST)Subject: Re: one questionANy other press stuff or writeups? Lauren> > for sure...I will forward it when I find it...mypublicist should have more coming in soon...thanks again for making the was nice to see you guys there...

Still coming in...probally all week if not all month...

Dearest Tony, The pictures looked fantastic, and I am sure that this is one of many. I would have loved to have been there. Hopefully I will be at the next one. I am so happy for your well deserved success. God Bless you my friend. BIG TONY

hey man thank you! your awsome bro. Listen I got a commercial demo shoot on saturday depending on weather of course but we are going to have more Cabrito Tequila so I would like for you to be there and I am going to send you an official invitation. It is during the day so I think you would be able to make it or at least I hope you can. Steve, I need him to be there too so as soon as I get everything settle I will send you the invitation. This comming Saturday 12/10/05 by 11:00 am. Thanks again bud. Best regards, Jacob MunguiaI am glad it was a success! Congrats!On Dec 6, 2005, at 7:23 PM,

Anthony Boldi wrote:> Check out the pixs from the premiere...

thanks for> everything...what a great night...Some familiar faces there!! :) Everyone looks beautiful!(Mozella is a friend... she played a few of my events back when she was showcasing for labels) Keep up the good work!! I SPOKE on Deadwood this week! whoohoo!!! Dayplayer Contract! xoxox "Leah Cevoli"

Tony,Thanks again for the invite to your premiere last night. I am so proud of you and your film. It was great!! You must be so thrilled. I can't wait to see where it goes from here.All my love,Jenette

Hey bro, just wanted to say thanks for the invitation, the screening, walking the red carpet, and everything else I may have forgotten. That was first red carpet and large screening, very enjoyable. I don't think Jaime remembered me but I was heavier and had short hair so go figure. It was cool running into Leon, Keith and Christian, hadn't seen them in a while. I checked out and saw my pics, very funny. Well, I'll keep it short, but best of luck and continued success. Looking forward to working with you again sometime soon. Merry Xmas and Happy 2006!-- *Alastair Surprise - Yes, it's my real name.

Tony, Glad to be there for you guys!! Great Job. Thanks for the invitation, Stuart


Dear Jaime and Tony, Just wanted to say how proud I was of being a part of your film and being invited tonight. It came out beautifully, and all the changes were perfection. I assume you re-shot the first scene with Trace and his ex-wife, and it was like night and day. I didn't realize the impact of Trace talking to his mother, and that scene packed a wallop as well. Although it might be difficult for you to distance yourself from Zoska's performance, but not only did she look gorgeous but I thought she was terrific. I hope you are both very proud of your accomplishment tonight. All the best, Randopaulos (a/k/a drag queen waitress)

Hey Tony! Your Mom must be so proud of you! WHAT A TURN OUT IT WAS!! I had to leave early, have to get up very early but it was worth seeing you up there before your movie!! That place is pretty swanky :) Lots of hotties everywhere....who was the lucky gal with you?? ha ha CONGRATULATIONS XO VICTORIA

Thanks sooooooooo much for inviting me, You guys kicked ass!!!stay in touch big kissa_Tian Kitchen

Jaime and Tony. My deepest regret in not being able to share in the glory of your premiere screening. I had intended to come out but got derailed with work responsibilities. Sending positive vibes. Please let me know how I can attain a copy (purchase) dvd of the film. Am sure there were some hotties runnin' around as well. Lee

Dear Tony, Wow! Good job!! As for me, you know how great that I think you are!! I've always been proud of you, even when you were a little boy. You were always so smart and you always worked so hard at everything that you did. That's why you always were the best at everything that you did that you cared at all about!! You are so talented that all you've ever had to do was decide what your goal was and then go after it. You always were successful! Being smart, persistant, hard working, personable and talented is quite an accomplishment!! And you, of course, have all those things so there is no way that you will not be as successful as you choose to be. Just look at the success of your premiere event, and just look how far you've come just in the last 3 years, for example. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! You're in my prayers always. I believe in you. Just don't forget to get sleep, eat rightt and get some quiet time once in awhile. The skies the limit. Lots and lots of Love, Mom

GREAT JOB as always!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!i wouldn't have missed it for anything! you've inspired me- it's always great to be around people that see what they want & go for it & GET IT!!!make sure those pics get to me too- i want to see them & i don't know where to look- i want a copy of that one the 3 of us took.don't get too popular that you forget about the little people... :)>Fr Lisa Mikal

Hey, Tony, can I send a friend + 1 to your premier?It would make ME look real cool..........I understand if not....I'm sure that you guys are busy as hell now ...Don't forget to step back and view all of the grandure and excitementthat YOU have created!! Its YOUR time!! you have not only worked your ass off,but you have sacraficed MANY years of your life just sticking in there!Congratulations bro'!You of any one in that town deserves this!!-e-e-

Awesome! Thanks, bro. Really looking forward to celebrating the fruits of your tireless labor! -Rich

Dylan Schmarrow Glad to see things are moving forward, it must be a big change comparedto the old days in Michigan. Keep me posted on what you are up to, it is fun to see that you are in the mix on the west coast.

Ciao Tony,hope u had great hollyday week end..I love the trailer..Ciao Lxxx

It looks very pro!I can't believe that Tony Boldi is in Credit card debt!!I never thought I'd see the day!! you are going to have a 1000 credit score when you pay all those babys off!!I'm really missing CA.I have to get out there to see all my peeps!!Thake care bro!-e-e-

congrats! I know first hand in fact, the amount of heart, soul,blood, sweat, and tears you invested into the production of Pissed (Blink). Not to mention the$$$. Well done. Patience is a virtue. Again, congrats. Looking forward to watchin' you bust your ass on the next one! Peace Jace

You da man, son!!! My nigga, you a legit producer now! Living it up.....Must be nice! :O)

Hi Jaime !It was really nice to read you, thanks you ! What a night we had... but too short...Hope you've enjoyed your trip on the French Riviera, and it wasn't too tired to go back home. I've seen your website (LifeForce) : it looks very good but i've seen it really quickly (lot of work today), so i'll see it again tomorrow. So i've seen randy's website too : what a illustrator he is (i've got to write to him & Tony tomorrow)!Clare & me have really enjoyed to know both of you guys and girl. So you'll be welcome in our house when you gonna come back in France (in Paris or on the Frech Riviera) ! Could you send to me the pictures wich have been done in the club with your camera, it'd be nice. Hope to read you soon my friend, make a kiss to your girlfriend,Your french friends, Christopher

Tony, Hi. It was great working with you last night. You seem like a great guy and you really do a fabulous job. Your company seems wonderful, and never short of pleasant people. I look forward to working with you guys again should the opportunity arise. Thank you and take care. -David Switch

Dearest Jaime and Tony, My two beautiful virgos. Your strive for personal perfection is not done in vain. You are both two of the most wonderful men I am lucky enough to know. Jaime, your honesty with yourself and your determination in your soul search has been such a beautiful example. I could read your writtings endlessly. You have been a wonderful teacher and friend . Generous and gentle. Thank you. Tony, I always admire your tenacity and strive for perfection. You have a generousity to include and do well for everyone you know. And you have the most beautiful vision of being able to work with your friends, have evryone succeed, and the teacity to make it come to light. You turn things into reality. Not many people in this world are able to do that. I am blessed (and so is every one else you encounter) for the 2 of you having been in my life. God Bless you both

Tony, man you are good.G

Tony made the calls to Orlando and really just pushed until it came through. Great stuff. I would not have liked to face this without you.cauri

sound great. cauri and I are now talking about other details but you are doing great. Sincerely, G. Anthony Joseph Actor / Producer

You are a GREAT networker!!!

I'm completely psyched about the movie. Can't wait for you to make the inevitable coin. -David

also ask tony if that cool place he showed us on line can work for part of party rave scene. the inside of that place was dynamite.if anyone has night club connections in this town its tony.G

Thanks for keeping on it tony.Dave

Thank you for being in my life. I checked out the trailer. It all looked great. Alittle dark in content, but that will definitely drawthe attention. You should be very proud. I know this risk you've taken is going to pay off. I'm even alittle envious. Good luck and I hope you'll keep me up on the film as it progresses. Whatever your heart wants the most, that's what I wishfor you. Love,Tiffany

Hey man that poster is amazing.. it looks so much better. Congrats Congrats Congrats... Devin ReeveActor/Producer

Wow, that poster is amazing!!! Did you do that? Its awesome!! By the way, I looked at your video a while back. (I was very impressed!!). I loved your work on Port Charles --I remember that whole vampire stuff. You should bea host - you are wonderful and have an amazing voice!!"Karyn Evans"

Tony, I thought that you would enjoy this e-mail that came today from your 2nd cousin, Karen, from Texas. Her Mom and my Dad were brother and sister. She's enjoying my updates. You're everyones hero!

This is amazing!!! I love being related to famous people especially this kind of famous. Thank you for the updates. I can only imagine how much fun you have been having. Warmly, “Cousin” Karen Karen S. Wampler, Ph.D.Chair, Department of Applied and Professional Studies

Hope your great ambition is still thriving, the premiere for "In the Blink of an Eye"you put together was excellant, certainly a great time, and a symbol of the possibilities in the independent film world. Thanks for the invite. Take care! Marshall Katz

Thanks for being such an amazing person. You are truly special. Tiffany