Directly below:
On Set (from left to right)
Director/Writer/Star:Jaime Gomez
Executive Producer:Tony Boldi
Agent:Leland Lebarre
Actress:Pamela Warren

Picture Wrap Photo

Executive Producer Lana L. Boldi with Danny Glover and friend.

The maestro, Andre Miropolski, and a small sample of his art.

The director hard at work.

Our lovely dancers.

Don't "PISS" these guys off...

Poster movie still. 1964 Triumph TR4

JG & Jason Isaacs
(the inspirations for the character role "Jay").
Jaime and Tony with the mayor of San Francisco (from left to right) TONY BOLDI (producer), LARREN (musician / friend), RANDY MARTINEZ (STARWARS illustrator / "PISSED" poster artist), JOEY COVINGTON (JEFFERSON AIRPLANE / STARSHIP / HOT TUNA)
Yes we will be back in San Francisco on the infamous Treasure Island making movies...thanks to everyone in SF. We'll see you soon... JAIME GOMEZ (director, writer, producer, star) with JOEY COVINGTON (drummer and hit maker from JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, JEFFERSON STARSHIP and HOT TUNA to mention just a few of his acomplishments. He also wrote one of the main songs on our sound track call "FINE" which was recorded with DAVID IMMERGLUCK from the COUNTING CROWS and was sung by as well as co-produced by the very talented CHRIS SEEFRIED from JOE NINETY.)
A scene from the movie...(Kristen Minter/Jaime) TONY BOLDI ( executive producer), RANDY MARTINEZ (STAR WARS Illustrator) and DEVIN REEVE (associate producer) with a Storm Trooper at the STAR WARS III opening in Hollywood. (check out the eyes on these guys...spooky).
We worked with over 350 hard working, generous souls on this wonderful project...this was the 1st crew of many more to follow! TonyB, Laura Carter (our editor extraordinaire), and JaimeG.
The 3 above pictures are CANDY CASTILLO (from STEVE MARTIN'S "THREE AMIGOS"), the director JAIME GOMEZ in deep thought (in character and costume) and the producer TONY BOLDI giving directions on the process trailer (while the crew was rigging the picture vehicle up) before taking off to film all around Hollywood Blvd. and Sunset Blvd. Our lovely actress who played LINDA in the movie.
Here is JAIME GOMEZ stepping around the camera and DENNIS BISHOP (TERMINATOR, NASH BRIDGES and WONDER YEARS gaffer and our DP) for a retake while our script supervisors KEIRAN SHEA is working harder than ever as usual. Next to that on it's side is LANA BOLDI (one of our excutive directors) with BRIAN KRAUSE (from CHARMED). Below that is JAIME getting ready to shoot again. On the left of that is TJ ROBERTS (a great actor who played JAIME'S BROTHER in the movie). Tony Boldi (executive producer), Devin Reeve (associate producer), some guy in black stealing a photo opportunity, General Grievous (STAR WARS's newest star), Weja (who provided a nice cameo and some music samples for PISSED) and superstar RANDY MARTINEZ (STARWARS illustrator and creator of the PISSED poster) attending the open of STAR WARS III gala at HOLLYWEIRD's ARCLIGHT THEATER.
The GOMER family (not to be confused with the GOMEZ family)
Here we are in FRANCE having a blast...
Tony doing business in FRANCE with Brian (GEM Systems). Tony and Roy (GEM Systems) having a great day in FRANCE(MIPCOM)
Tony with Brian getting ready for a wild night in Cannes... Jaime getting the facts about the sales in FRANCE.
Jaime and Tony at the FLAUNT party with Hue Hefner, Jessica Alba, Jenny McCarthy and on and night working on the job as usual (smile)!